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Post: September 25, 2018

More than half a million Filipinos graduate college every year, providing companies with a wide pool of fresh talent. The Philippines is world’s BPO capital nowadays, so there’s no shortage of experienced professionals who have worked in the outsourcing industry.

Employment Types
The main types of employment in the Philippines are regular, project, seasonal, casual, and fixed period. It’s useful to become familiar with the different types since each carries with it its own set of qualifications, limitations and expected benefits.Regular – Also known as permanent employment. Regular employees have the right to security of tenure and cannot be terminated without just cause. Typically employers require employees to finish a probationary period (no more than 6 months) before they are “regularized”.
Project – A project employee works on a specific project, the length of which must be stipulated in the contract.
Seasonal – When the work that needs to be performed is at a specific time of the year, employers hire seasonal employees.
Casual – Employees are considered casual when the work that they do is not considered necessary in the employer’s usual business and if they are employed for a definite agreed-upon time. Take note that casual employees who have been providing services for at least one year are considered regular employees.
Fixed-Period – In this employment type, the beginning and end dates of the employment period are stipulated in the contract. It has strict requirements, including proving absence of duress.
Employment Contracts
An employment contract that’s properly prepared is not only the best defense for disputes that may arise, it also provides employees with a sense of security and helps build confidence in your company. A deep knowledge of Philippine labor laws is necessary when drafting contracts.

Company Manual and Policy
A good company manual should not only help establish what the company culture is going to be, it should also comply with Philippine labor laws and policies.

Salary Structure and Benefits
Determining what salary structure and benefit packages to offer your employees is another crucial process for your business.

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